About Nobel Upstream

Nobel Upstream is a privately held independent oil and gas exploration, extraction, and production company that, in addition to its joint operating and working interests across three major oil and gas basins, provides  engineering, scientific and consultancy services to the oil, natural gas, and petroleum industry. 

Since its founding, Nobel Upstream has led with engineering and scientific research, providing consulting on and analysis of geological, reservoir and seismic data and other engineering services related to the extraction, production, treatment, and refinement of oil, gas, and petroleum products.  

Nobel Upstream, incorporated in the UK in 2014, has its headquarters in London with technical and commercial teams based in Baku, Azerbaijan and Houston, Texas. We currently have producing projects in Azerbaijan, the UK North Sea and the Permian Basin of west Texas, USA, and continue to seek investment opportunities in these core regions.

Combining experienced management, targeted acquisitions and strong partnerships, Nobel Upstream uses proven technologies to support the safe and profitable development of oil and gas resources. Our focus is on mature oilfields where sophisticated technical planning and strong operational execution can unlock value.

In early 2014, Nobel Oil spun off its exploration and production business into a new, UK company (Nobel Upstream).  Nobel Oil itself, with headquarters in Baku, has been active in the oil services business for over ten years and acquired an upstream asset in 2008. Nobel Oil is an active member of the community and supports numerous charitable and social programs.

The Nobel name has a storied past in Azerbaijan where, in 1879, Ludwig Nobel established Branobel, an oil company that had its origins in the extraction and refining operation that his brother Robert started in Baku in 1873.

At Nobel Upstream we draw inspiration from the legacy of technical excellence and business innovation that Branobel built in setting up one of the first oil businesses in the world.