Our focus is on achieving outstanding results. But the way we do so is just as important. We rely on our people and partners, and we are committed to treating everyone who works with us fairly and with dignity. Our reputation is of paramount importance. We aspire to the highest standards of ethical performance and compliance. We strongly believe these principles will help us achieve outstanding business results.

  • Integrity and Respect
    We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards and will respect the people with whom we work and the cultures and environments in which we operate.
  • Commitment to the Team
    We will work in a collaborative and inclusive manner, taking collective responsibility for the success of the company while accepting accountability for delivering our individual commitments.

  • Safety
    We are comitted to the safety and security of our staff and the people who operate the facilities in which we have a material ownership interest.
  • Sustainable Development
    We seek to develop a sustainable business for the benefit of our shareholder, employees, business partners and the communities in which we operate.